Be Spectacular

I am a bit of a firecracker…a creative force in the most pleasant yet spirited way. I’ll make your marketing materials speak your voice and compel whatever action you seek. I’ll get along with everyone at your company, from owner to admin. And I’ll be relentless in my pursuit of communication excellence—in word, deed and design.

With a degree from Rochester Institute of Technology, I began my design career at a small agency in Princeton, NJ. It took me only months to realize I was not built to be an employee. Rather, entrepreneurial blood ran through my veins. I started my own design business when I was 24 years old and never looked back. I still can’t imagine doing business any other way.

Communication Specialist
My favorite focus is on the nuance of communication. The lifeblood of any successful business is clear communication with knowing intent. Get your message wrong, and you won’t be heard. Confuse your team, and they will follow your lead. Use the wrong tone of voice (whether spoken or written), and you will alienate those you wish to draw in. I’ll help you find the ideal words and tone as you market to clients and address your staff so they all want to listen, engage, commit and keep coming back for more.

Certified Life Coach & Licensed New Life Story® Coach (neuroscience)
The credentials at the end of my name tell you I’m a certified coach. I am also a licensed New Life Story® coach, a coach approach that applies the mechanics of neuroscience, psychology and quantum physics (WOW!) when making changes that have lasting impact. My coaching expertise gives me skills to help you understand what drives you, improve performance and develop good habits that keep successes coming. It also helps you understand how others likely perceive what you put out there, give you cues when you need to adjust your communications and give you a far better chance to grow relationships and secure continued business.

DiSC® Trainer
DiSC® is an assessment model used to help explain how people do what they do. It measures dimensions of observable behavior, grouped into 4 personality types. I am trained to administer and interpret these assessments to help you recognize and understand your communication style, how you are likely perceived and what motivates you.

Busy Mom
On a personal note, I live, work and play in central New Jersey. In addition to my day job, I’m a single mom of three terrific teenagers, chauffeur lady, short-order cook, fan and laundry chick. I am also a 2nd degree black belt in tae kwon do. Each day is different, and there is no rest for the weary.


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