Talk to Me

Lisa Manyoky, CTACC
Living, working and playing in NJ
Office: 609-890-6645

Call or email to talk with me about your communication needs. I have 25+ years of design, marketing and people expertise behind me, as well as a longtime network of specialty colleagues at my fingertips. At the risk of sounding like a roast, I’m seasoned—which means I have a lot of know-how to share, and my learning curve is short. I’m sure that together, we’ll be able to make you, your product or your service look and sound great by presenting your brand unforgettably and then spreading the word with messaging that can’t be ignored.

I offer you a rare combination of visual and language smarts. It’s uncommon to find a singular creative resource who delivers excellence from both sides of the brain. This is your lucky day! Please, get in touch.


P.S. My philosophy: There’s no room for mediocrity unless you can cover it with ketchup. Requests for excellence only, please.