Become Extraordinary

I will make you, your product or service look and sound good to attract customers, compel them to engage, and inspire their loyalty.

I can start from ground zero if you are introducing something new. I can jumpstart an initiative that’s been idle awhile. Or I can repair a brand that’s flawed, outdated or simply not working. Of course, I am relying on you to hold up your end of the bargain and deliver excellence in what you offer.

I ask questions to help identify what you want and need. I get to know you, your product/service, your way of doing business. I pick your brain for information, motives and goals. I assure you, we’ll make new discoveries together.

I listen because every detail you share matters. I like to talk, but I like just as much to listen. I get clues to your business approach by paying close attention to the words you choose, your inflection, your confidence (or lack thereof) and stories you share. Strong intuition and a couple decades of experience enable me to identify fairly quickly where I can offer insight or make improvements.

I assess so we can prioritize and make a smart plan for best results.
I collect and evaluate as much collateral as you can provide me (so long as I don’t need a warehouse to contain it). I watch for image choices, messaging, quality, consistency, tone of voice, etc. I can stop there and make recommendations to a designer of your choice. Or I can provide services to keep a successful effort alive or resuscitate one that’s failing.

I design so I can transform your ideas into visuals that stand taller than your competition. For over 20 years, I have written, designed and distributed marketing materials. Sometimes I start with nothing but an idea. Other times, I  correct materials that need repair. In either case, I make whatever it is you need to say look and sound good, or fix it to make it look and sound better so your clients perceive you in a positive light.

I write because the right words make or break. Oh the power of words! I’ve seen many a design piece look great only to read on and find sleepy language, grammar errors and typos. I love words…their power, their nuances, their richness. I will find the right ones that speak best on your behalf.

I coach because your personality and working style are part of our collaboration. As a certified life coach, licensed New Life Story Coach® and DiSC consultant, I am trained to help you capitalize upon your strengths, manage weaknesses, plan strategically to achieve your goals, and bypass obstacles that may be in your way.

I collaborate because it DOES take a village. I work with you to identify and put into action whatever steps are necessary to help you become an indispensable resource to the clients you serve.

I crack jokes when the time is right. All work and no play…. Sometimes, a little humor makes tough deadlines a little less oppressive.

I remain accessible so you can ask questions whenever. My goal is to educate you about how to preserve your marketing initiatives as you move ahead in business. However, once a project ends, you are free to call/email me to ask questions to be sure you are on track.

Bonus information… I’m a nut about grammar and usage. I’m a straight shooter but always diplomatic. I like to make the workday as pleasant as possible. I will not leave for a faraway trip and take your website password with me. (Yes, I know of more than one person who’s had this happen.)


Call 609-890-6645 to talk, or contact me by email.

Lisa is a coach and marketer extraordinaire! She sees the big picture…quickly…asks the right questions, offers sound advice, and then creates a comprehensive and on-target marketing plan. Early on, against her advice, I tried to veer off course. Yet I always came back to her for help because the detour didn’t get me to where I wanted to go and wound up costing me valuable time and money. Lisa quickly assessed the situation, suggested adjustments and got me back on course, which has led me to where I am today—owner of a viable business with multiple revenue streams, a marketing plan that works, a fee schedule that reflects the value of my experience and knowledge, and most importantly, the confidence and knowledge that I am on a road that is going to lead to a personal pot of gold at the end of my rainbow. Aside from her extensive marketing knowledge, graphic talents and “can do” attitude, Lisa’s energy and passion make her so much fun to work with!

Sheryl Spangler

CEO, Heart & Soul Matchmaking